Elise Rise is a New York City based artist from Richmond, VA.  
After graduating from Princeton University with a A.B in Art History and Visual Arts Rise went onto work at Christie’s auction house in New York spending time in the Contemporary Art, Estates and Appraisals, and the Rare Books and Science Departments.   After receiving significant attention from colleagues, clients and press for her submissions to the annual staff show Rise left Christie’s to dedicate herself to her art practice.

Rise’s work explores the relationship between bodies and contemporary objects using an art historical lens. 

By layering historical art processes or content with digital, campy, and contemporary interventions Rise seeks to expose the power dynamics of contemporary interactions between bodies and objects.  

Her practice uses a hybridized pastiche of mediums, creating sculpture-paintings and combining digital re-alteration with manual cut and paste processes.  

Her art chaotically layers digital and analog editing on top of each other via a process in which Rise photographs her unfinished work, digitally edits these photographs, marks on top of print-outs of the same image and then uses the most successful elements from these marked up digital print-outs as a guide for finishing the original work. 

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